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czwartek, 16 lutego 2012

A bit of Greece in your house

Today I have a real treat (=gratka) for Greece lovers...The band 'Kroke' performs ethnic music, inspired mostly by the Mediterranean (=rejon Morza Śródziemnego) and the Orient. The group was founded in 1992 by three friends, graduates (=absolwentów) from the Music Academy in Cracow. The band, whose name in the Yiddish language means 'Cracow', is surprisingly more known abroad than in Poland. The musicians have cooperated (=współpracowali) with such artists as Edyta Geppert,  Nigel Kennedy (a British violinist), Krzysztof Herdzin and Maja Sikorowska. The name of the latter may ring a bell for you (=coś wam mówi)...Sikorowska is a daughter of a Polish singer, Andrzej Sikorowski, the founder (=założyciel) of the group 'Pod Budą'. The girl is a half Polish, half Greek (her mother is Greek) singer, who took her first steps in the world of music beside her father and has recently started her solo career. The thirty-two year old girl has a very close relation with her mother (=ojczysta) Greece and even studied Greek for one year in Thessaloniki. The fruit of the cooperation between 'Kroke' and Maja Sikorowska is the album 'Avra' (this Greek word means 'aura', 'air', 'atmosphere') consisting of 12 Greek songs.

The band has had numerous succeesses  - in 2004 'Kroke' was nominated for BBC Radio Awards for World Music in the category 'Europe'; in 2006 the band's song 'The secrets of the life tree' featured (=figurował) on the soundtrack of David Lynch's film 'Inland Empire'. The album the artists recorded with Edyta Geppert 'Śpiewam Życie' gained (=osiągnął) the status of 'gold disk' in January 2011. The same month 'Kroke' accomplished (=ukończył) the collaboration album with Maja Sikorowska 'Avra'. Altogether the band has released 14 albums!

Does Kroke's music appeal to you?

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